Monday, July 28, 2008

Dear Mom and Dad,

I have been in Seattle for 4 days now. Everyone here is really nice. I am staying with Marlo Eggplant who curated the Ladyz in Noyz compilation. Her boyfriend DJ Dogwater is a good dancer. The street she lives on is the only street in Seattle were you're not allowed to smoke and it makes her mad.

Last night I played a show in a coffee house (duh, Seattle) and had the shakes, because Marlo ordered me an Americano which is some really intense coffee drink that I wasn't used to. I thought my heart was going to explode. The other band that played was called Aural Antithesis and was a way old dude screeching on a violin and a young dude playin' with pedals and circuit bent kids toys and stuff. It was neat-o.

I wish I had pictures, but I'm a dummy and forgot to bring my camera cord thinggie, so yah.
I miss you all, don't worry rent is in the vault.


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