Sunday, August 10, 2008

things that happened underground

Today the subways were full of surprises.

First, I was talking to Alex, Greg, and Gabe (Alex's roomie since he moved out of the basement) on the platform, when they noticed a man hobbling along on the tracks. None of us being able to process what was going on, I turned around to see another man reaching down toward the track and saying "What the hell are you doing?!" He pulled the man half way out, when simultaneously the man began resisting and a train started pulling up. Luckily, he was pulled up just in time. Like a movie! The deranged man just stumbled down the platform, wearing killer pink and green socks and a CVS-esque apron in place of a shirt.
It was creepy. My guess is he got back on the tracks as soon as the train pulled away.

we sat next to Gibby Haynes on the train! I think he heard Greg say "Butthole Surfers", he looked down and didn't seem especially enthusiastic to respond? I really wanted to stand next to him, and see how tall he is, but he got off before I had the chance.

Then, on the way back to Penn to get home, Greg and I watched a very drunk Spanish moron next to us jump onto the track! Obviously, he couldn't get out on his own.
I'd never expect that I'd see 2 people have to get pulled up from subway tracks on the same day! This guy was just stooopid.

Oh yeah, also, we went to Gray's Papaya, and got the recession special: 2 hot dogs and a juice for 350. That was above ground, though.
I think I need to go eat a piece of fruit.


gregstavish said...

that mutant almost became ground beef! truly was a terrifying experience.

NYC is a nutty place

e train said...

I wonder if the ninja turtles liked to eat bacon

Sharon Scro said...

somebody jumped in from of the train i was on in italy and got hit. it was super gross