Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dearest "alumni" and "friends"

Hi this sunday as in tomorrow sunday this band little teeth from west coast land is playing at courtlandtland
shit fuckin rules

if any of you paid attention to the jams i was blasting on repeat it was more often than not them

Also playing I actually completely forget the lineup.. i'm eating yogurt at work early morning. i think i only like blueberry yogurt but i think...
BIZ is playing
Sarah Lautman's band..
SEal club

(my apologies for not knowing the rest of the lineup)

But I wanted to tell everyone to COME! TOMORROW 10/19 it's Biz Lynch's bday!
and a hopefully amazing show

hopefully be seeing all of you. specially goats

if shawn could publish on the blog, i think he'd want you all to see this, it's pretty important.

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