Tuesday, September 18, 2007

oh hey

I wanted to say a few things, they may be out of order, but like

1. missy p and i have the worst class on earth together, i think when we go someone should call suicide watch for us, but we do sing 3rd eye blind on bikes after.. soon to come as a skalaco$t song.

2. Sitting in class next to Sir Alexander Conner is funny cuz I know he has tits or Ta Ta's on his ass.

3. I went on a fantastic group date with jacki marissa caity to get Hitler and Laissez Faire <3

4. While in Montreal this weekend i acheived: puking twice the next morning, that is after drinking way too much wine and going to a folk show. where we got yelled at by hipsters! something like "I don't know what YOU DO at shows but TALKING DURING THEM IS NOT APPROPRIATE!!" yikes! caity, shoved his gf on our way out tho :)

I WENT TO MONTREAL AND SOME OF THE BEST THINGS I SAW WAS THIS: after the tattoo festival walkin' down the mainstreet:

ok, i can't wait for skalacost to have a show in our basement soon.
and can we have a party on friday.

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