Friday, September 28, 2007


this is what a youtube search for "courtlandt-land" yielded.


Gay Bar

Thursday, September 27, 2007

daft punk is playing at the gay bar gay bar gay bar

Last night the bike gang peddled their way to the gay bar and once we arrived we tailgated in the parking lot. Hamilton Street beat out Courtlandt-land in a billiards death match and inflatable crayons hung from the cieling.*

*this is a true story

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

David Blowie

blow spout to come

Show butts

FRIDAY, oct 12

@ CourtlandtLand, 1 Courtlandt St.
New Brunswick, NJ


$ Donations
6:00 pm

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

high-tech low-tech

curated by lny at space II III IV

Opening on September 27, 2007, Space II III IV is pleased to present the new exhibition "Hi Tech low Tech: Up-to-date Contemporary Art", curated by recent Mason Gross BFA graduate Lenny Correa. The opening reception will include performances by local New Brunswick bands Tin Kitchen and Snake Vision as well as a how-to workshop on circuit bending and D-I-Y electronic modification. This event is free and open to the public.

The exhibit is comprised of fourteen local and international young artists whose mediums and modes of creation reflect today's technology embedded culture. The results range from videos made with security camera footage to the assimilation of an internet persona in lurid amorous narrative acted out across social networking websites. This exhibition is continued by a mass email containing links to artists' blogs, websites and internet art, where the work takes up new multifaceted implications and continues to be realized. This act of openness between the artist, the public and the creation process creates a new relationship between the gallery (as the central hub from which art is transmitted) and the public. It also questions the binary relationship between physical and virtual artwork, which in itself is a burgeoning concern of our time.

All the work presented in this show looks forward to the future of art and questions its now antiquated idea of what is modern. The hackneyed and inflexible idea of painting and sculpture being the only hallmarks of art is no longer valid in a world where wars are fought via computer screens ( ) where presidential debates are held online ( ) and where the idea of place and time can be so easily consumed. ( ).This group show is a declaration or independence from these overarching institutionalized ideas and a showcase for truly new contemporary art that is itself at the verge of being canonized and completely assimilated.

Lenny Correa.


The following are links to the artists' various Internet sites where some of the work shown at the exhibit can be viewed:

Amanda Barrett:

Reid Bingham:

Natalie McKeever:

Alexander Conner:

Jacki Sulley:

Doug O'Neil:

Marissa Paternoster:


Jen Park:

Jamie Bruno:

Elizabeth Lynch:

Tin Kitchen:

Snake Vision:


Lenny Correa:

Frank Castro:

Meta-Sousveillance Culture

Go to
Scroll all the way down to Meta-Sousveillance Culture and click the link

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sunday, September 23, 2007

semi charmed kinda life

BIKE TOUR REDO::::: let's dress like wizards nxt time.

i went to the city the other day these are some of the things i saw

also, i wanted a pretzel. we got icecream. then beer.
then caity stole a pretzel off of 1 of those cart things
and then later almost fought a man about money on the street or something

Saturday, September 22, 2007

o yea

babies everywhere

nd tm crs




this one is for reid: glitched out ad tvs on the subway

this one is for my dad, who goes by the name bob.

this one is for kermit the frog because it is harder being green and walked all over

this one is for the small children burned up while digging the subway tunnels

and this is for the people who conjure flames from their hands and light the small children wearing construction hats, who are digging subway tunnels, on fire and get a kick out of seeing them cry

i posted a new one on - i <3 you guys

Six Pack Tour!!!

Saturday, SEP 22 2007.
Bike, six pack, helmet if you have one, uhm...a light too, or else you'll get sent to the sidewalk with LNY. Will start promptly at nine...maybe.

1. e train wears a helmet. NO EXCEPTIONS!
2. LNY rides on the sidewalk. You fall too much Lny.
3. Everyone rides at a leisurely pace. We will be very filled with cheap beer, and we have no where to go, and god forbid someone turns into a pukeasaurus on their bike. BLEGH!!!
4. OMG we should bring a boom box and listen to WU TANG real loud in the cemetary.

OH, and there's lot's of cool shows at Maxwells. Does anyone want to go to any of these? ...and uh, take me too?

10/11 The Raveonettes/Nicole Atkins & The Sea/Gliss 9 p.m. $15
10/17 Imperial Teen/International Shades 9 p.m. $12
10/20 The Dirtbombs $13 adv./$15 d.o.s
10/25 The Avengers/Pansy Division $10 adv./$12 d.o.s.
10/27 The Shout Out Louds $15
11/1 Be Your Own Pet $10 adv./$12 d.o.s
11/19 The Locust $12 adv./$15 d.o.s. (someone please take me to this, PLEASE)

THESE AREn'T REALLY RULES, I have to go to a funeral now.

no parents no rules

the last few days I've been abandoned, and bored, so much so that I've been reduced to studying street maps of New Brunswick.

#1 bulge.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007

"can you get the cat outa the fridge?!"



Who's going to get stickNpoke of an ass on their tits?


'computers and education'
it's where i am right now, learning about blogging while i am blogging myself. omgz how many times can i say the word blogging, or its cognates.

o shit i got to go!
no more blogging.

A Lesser Known Asian Virus!

Look out SARS! Move over Avian Flu! A new wave is spreading through the masses!

Everyone is coming down with the "Princess Syndrome!"

Tuesday, September 18, 2007



Where I am

bear weekend is my favorite:

oh hey

I wanted to say a few things, they may be out of order, but like

1. missy p and i have the worst class on earth together, i think when we go someone should call suicide watch for us, but we do sing 3rd eye blind on bikes after.. soon to come as a skalaco$t song.

2. Sitting in class next to Sir Alexander Conner is funny cuz I know he has tits or Ta Ta's on his ass.

3. I went on a fantastic group date with jacki marissa caity to get Hitler and Laissez Faire <3

4. While in Montreal this weekend i acheived: puking twice the next morning, that is after drinking way too much wine and going to a folk show. where we got yelled at by hipsters! something like "I don't know what YOU DO at shows but TALKING DURING THEM IS NOT APPROPRIATE!!" yikes! caity, shoved his gf on our way out tho :)

I WENT TO MONTREAL AND SOME OF THE BEST THINGS I SAW WAS THIS: after the tattoo festival walkin' down the mainstreet:

ok, i can't wait for skalacost to have a show in our basement soon.
and can we have a party on friday.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

fun from the meta field

brklyn 091507 - coflux

while we were in new york today we saw oprah and natalie got lny's birthday cake all over the place


yes we are on the map

clashing patternz

we saw warren fry's ghost there

The problem of the avant garde !