Friday, June 20, 2008

Last Night

so i finally got permission to post on this blog (thank you jacki). it feels great. season two at courtlandt is going real well. I don't have much to say so i'll just tell about my night last night. Biz and I went on a bike ride to johnson park. it was going great until i got a flat tire. Biz came and picked me up in her vehicle but before we left we decided to catch fire flies for it got dark really quick. we were moderately successful in our attempts to catch the flies. we began to walk a little and stumbled upon a forested nook and decided to venture in. suddenly, we saw a monster. it was snarling and making noises like it was sloppily eating, my guess would be flesh. i began to slowly walk backward. i was terrified. neither of us got a good look at it but it was big. it may just have been a prostitute but we both agreed that it was a monster. we then left and got ice cream.


e train said...

one time my friend leah saw a brontosaurus at the inlet. she was really really really stoned. and i drove her weed car to see what the hell she was talking about and it actually was a brontosaurus or road eating construction machine.

basically what i wanted to ask is.. do you think what you saw wasthe space clown? from riteaid
or maybe bigbaby got rabies

bizlynch said...