Sunday, June 8, 2008

"warren fry is amazing"

don't know if anyone saw this - warren reviewed the three day weekend/we are the seahorses show at courtlandt-land in the brooklyn rail:

vanity exerpt:

"The Seahorses’ venue that night, Courtlandt-land, embodies this ethos in its own way. It’s a household of itinerant musicians and art students that’s been a stop on the underground music circuit for only a year, but in that time they’ve developed a community as attentive to its creative output and as it is committed. They host shows and performances for friends and friends of friends, and post band interviews and adverts next to inside jokes on their community blog ( It’s through these interactions that Courtlandt-land validates itself to itself and forges lasting ties to bands like the Seahorses who operate outside the influence of the moneyed and propertied arts."

ps, i like how the new blog background color looks like the living room, nice jaqui!

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