Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Couple of Cool Occurrences... followed by blabbering

1. Renae made me the me an unbelievably awesome hat:

2. I made this while working on some album art for the next one:

There is some information on the album that was recently posted on All Over the Where blog.
As well as a chronicling of old releases. If you are interested let me or Reid know.

The new album: Fortune Favors the Brave


El Colin said...

here is the blabbering:

at least, temporarily...
I saw it on a piece of stationary in Korea and thought, oh man that is fitting... well, after just now google searching it, a lot of other people thought it awesome: the hardcore band from florida, a person who made a movie in 1909, virgil - the poet - from his Aenid... and so on. Actually i could care less about all these other people. i have just as much right to stealing this intelectual property as anyone else.

This brings up some dealings in intellectual property that i want to get into right now. now, maybe i'm communist, but how the hell does someone managed to still own the rights to "happy birthday to you..." blah blah blah - you are all intelectual property stealers; you who sing this song. written so long ago and ingrained in so many that it should be considered a folk tune by now.

that was the cool think about folk tunes - f' it - go sing my song to as many people as possible these are our times and ish needs to be heard - minemineminemineminemine mine came along with recording.

Man, i wish it were the good old days when i could steal peoples songs... well it is really not about the music to me...

When I was in medicinal plants class with Jarrett D. - he informed me of a plant that a pharmaceutical company copyrighted the use of for cancer treatment... here is a plant that just might have the cure to cancer, and only one company can try to unlock the goodness in it, because of the massive amounts of coin it would bring in if it did... and since it was their idea, (somehow i doubt it, more likely an idea stolen from a group of people who dont realize its been stolen and used for $ - like all the resources we rape from other countries like woah,) - but since it was 'their idea' to use it for cancer, no one else can try - and the scientist that could figure it out was working for the other guys who compyrighted someother plant that he had no idea about...

privatization woooo!

oh, and, by the way, I know this blog says, 'appropriate this' on its title... but if anyone tries to steal my intellectual property, I'll sue your pants off!

In fact, since anyone hasn't copyrighted any of the information on this blog, i call shotgun! copyrights! to everything! Everything on the internet, in fact that hasn't been copyrighted! I, being of sound mind, do here by declare anything that isn't owned, to be owned by me, on this day, January 16, 2008. Let anyone who tries to use anything be sued and let this comment be the proof that I own it!

Boo Ya! It was my idea to do this. IT is my intellectual property! Eat it!

flymordecai said...

actually i think its all been copyrighted by Google already!!!!!!!

jk but probably.