Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Korean Picture Poem

I am trying to

blossom, but

noxious gas makes the sky

gray everyday.

It is

ugly and I am


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El Colin said...

it is not all bad. i am working on an epic blog post for - it is a book. it will probably be a few more days. that'll show some of the good stuff - and these pics are some of the good stuffs too.

i have been back in korea for i think 12 days now and woken up to a gray sky everyday really. it was like this before but i don't have an accurate count. it is bringing me down. on the day there is a blue sky, i will lay down on the bathroom floor and pee myself with joy. (the bathroom is really is to clean) - i will let you know when that happens.

i miss everyone. something should be coming in the mail via reid via my mom via intrntl mail and something will come later straight through to you.

good morning to you and goodnight to me - merry belated blah blah blahs!