Saturday, January 26, 2008


Aloha, gentleman!

I wish I could be by your side, very close. So close, that I could see the
sky in your eyes, I wouldn't feel any support under my feet, I would lean on
the wings of love and they would carry us through life, full of love and
I dream to share my love with a dearest person so much! If I would look
goofy in the morning and I would ask you how I look, you'd say that I look
wonderful! Maybe I am silly:. I dream that you could hold my hand and
while walking in the park and tell me that we should visit your friend for a
birthday soon and we'd discuss what to get him as a present:
I want to feel that life is infinite, that nothing matters except our love,
I want to feel my heart beating faster when I look at You:is it possible?...
I wish to find out your opinion at (bogus URL removed) and put all my hope
for our future relationship.

Sabrina B.

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