Friday, February 22, 2008

who shoveled our walk?

The Phantom Shoveler strikes again.

Who shoveled our porch at about 8:30-9:00 am, eastern standard time?
It was a silly discovery made early this morning before the majority of the house had to go to thesis. We giggled for the snowday and were astounded that yet again, our walk was cleared. well, at least sorta cause it was still snowing then.
We say thank you whomever you are!


elaine wants the show to go on!

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El Colin said...

the following is a public service announcement from el colin. it contains certain spoilers to the story of the Phantom Shoveler. Reader discretion is advised.

I hate to ruin the mystery of the Phantom Shoveler, but it is a law in new brunswick that landlords have to have their properties shoveled within 24 hours of snow setting. A lot of the times they hire someone to do it, unless they only own one property and do it themselves. you can thank them if you like them, but if you don't you can laugh at them while they are laboring. it is important to kow your rights as a tenant - especially in new brunswick - especially when it is your first time renting. the less you know, the easier it is to get screwed...

... the more you know