Monday, February 18, 2008


today it is 64 degrees
tomorrow it is going to be
30 degrees--

can we have an end of the world party? puhlease?
i think it's coming..


E TRAIN said...

we had one of those parties when the raritan flooded last year at your house! remember!

my dad likes that song.. he sings it randomly as he walks around the kitchen.
the end of the world that is

Billy Gray said...

jacki, there should definitely be an EOTW party. and the bands should all have to play covers.

El Colin said...

Jarrett and I were going to put on an "End of the World Party [Just in Case]" After he introduced me to the Medeski, Martin, and Wood album by the same name! If you haven't listened to it, you definitely should! It is a beautifully appropriate album and straight up awesome. Please don't have an End of the World Party without playing a tune or two from it. For me... pleeeeeease?!

bizlynch said...

Oh! MMW, reminds me of high school. I think I wanted to have the same party