Thursday, November 29, 2007

gif my suck it

I am writing about mnemonic obliteration
genealogy mnemonolgoygygyoaudfugoya
biz's comp doesn't have an END button to get to the end of sentences and it's pissing me off

i'm thankful for the loan though, so i can write about immigrant genesish

the library is a mess we jsut video chatted with our friends insteadof studying but i signed off so that we can do our work.
it was like videochatting with a deaf person because we couldn't hear or speak
i worry what biz may be doing but she seems hard at work cuz well they are both really twirling their hair as they read. so that must be a good sign. if biz plays footsie with me again i dont know what i'll do just like leap over the table and sock her@!! ! ! that's
yeah ok
so i just took pics of myself instead

i'm caity's buddy icon

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bizlynch said...

you should always worry what I'm doing