Thursday, November 29, 2007

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Drink Brawndo: It's Got Electrolytes!
By Rafe Telsch: 2007-11-27 22:16:43

I love Mike Judge’s work, but I was terribly unimpressed by Idiocracy which came from a good theory but lost its point and wound up far, far away from the genius social commentary that is Office Space. Sadly, now it looks like Idiocracy might wind up being as marketed and celebrated as Office Space was, thereby proving Judge’s point unintentionally.

Thankfully it’s not some of the blatantly bad elements of Idocracy coming to life. There’s no plans for an “Ow, my Balls” television show (not yet at least, although lets see how desperate studios get if the writer’s strike persists). Instead Redux Beverages is creating “Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator”energy drink, which will hit stores later this year.

In Idiocracy, Brawndo becomes a replacement for water, leading to the death of crops which require good-old H2O for survival. Of course, everyone in the future is an idiot, so they don’t realize that’s the problem. Let’s hope modern consumers don’t think Brawndo is so awesome that it can take over for drinking water.

Redux’s product comes through a partnership with 20th Century Fox, who couldn’t be bothered to give Idiocracy a decent release when it was theatrical time for the movie. The packaging of the beverage will follow the movie, complete with the “It’s got what plants crave!” slogan.

Don’t think Redux came up with the product idea solely by the brilliance of Idiocracy. Maxim Magazine included Brawndo as one of the top ten movie products they wish they had. Now it’s real. Hopefully the decline of mankind won’t follow too closely at hand, although letting Maxim dictate what products become real might be the first step to that future.

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