Thursday, November 22, 2007

so weird to wake up in courtlandt on thanksgiving

bffz nose

she was not here last night but i just wanted to share it

my room is really bright and i woke up all restless cuz i gotta do dishes caulk and shit and like go home
spina made me killer sauce and and pasta last night
fake spina and real spina bonded and biz
and i spilled beer all over my self and also go a hair cut that i think i have caity bangs
we watched pete and pete

they sat the same
they also hadn't hear teh whisper song before

real spina tried to be fake spina while fake spina was always real spina

checking yourself out while i'm checking you out while your checking me out glasses

he can do my mannerisms like whoa

my mouth tastes like beer

happy turkey

i gotta get home now to see the pear! i love the pear!!!
and you guys.

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Marissa said...

i wanna play kick ball