Thursday, November 29, 2007

gif my suck it

I am writing about mnemonic obliteration
genealogy mnemonolgoygygyoaudfugoya
biz's comp doesn't have an END button to get to the end of sentences and it's pissing me off

i'm thankful for the loan though, so i can write about immigrant genesish

the library is a mess we jsut video chatted with our friends insteadof studying but i signed off so that we can do our work.
it was like videochatting with a deaf person because we couldn't hear or speak
i worry what biz may be doing but she seems hard at work cuz well they are both really twirling their hair as they read. so that must be a good sign. if biz plays footsie with me again i dont know what i'll do just like leap over the table and sock her@!! ! ! that's
yeah ok
so i just took pics of myself instead

i'm caity's buddy icon

true love


barbara kruger

hi caityyy

apparently making tyra gifs is a new fad.


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RE: this holiday season give the gift of gifs

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i hereby challege our tyra gifs to an intergalactic space battle.

Visions of Screaming Females

I miss Screaming Females...
I had a 'show' in my room.
I rocked out to the Live @ Monsterland Album. myself.

it's all happening
Drink Brawndo: It's Got Electrolytes!
By Rafe Telsch: 2007-11-27 22:16:43

I love Mike Judge’s work, but I was terribly unimpressed by Idiocracy which came from a good theory but lost its point and wound up far, far away from the genius social commentary that is Office Space. Sadly, now it looks like Idiocracy might wind up being as marketed and celebrated as Office Space was, thereby proving Judge’s point unintentionally.

Thankfully it’s not some of the blatantly bad elements of Idocracy coming to life. There’s no plans for an “Ow, my Balls” television show (not yet at least, although lets see how desperate studios get if the writer’s strike persists). Instead Redux Beverages is creating “Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator”energy drink, which will hit stores later this year.

In Idiocracy, Brawndo becomes a replacement for water, leading to the death of crops which require good-old H2O for survival. Of course, everyone in the future is an idiot, so they don’t realize that’s the problem. Let’s hope modern consumers don’t think Brawndo is so awesome that it can take over for drinking water.

Redux’s product comes through a partnership with 20th Century Fox, who couldn’t be bothered to give Idiocracy a decent release when it was theatrical time for the movie. The packaging of the beverage will follow the movie, complete with the “It’s got what plants crave!” slogan.

Don’t think Redux came up with the product idea solely by the brilliance of Idiocracy. Maxim Magazine included Brawndo as one of the top ten movie products they wish they had. Now it’s real. Hopefully the decline of mankind won’t follow too closely at hand, although letting Maxim dictate what products become real might be the first step to that future.

yo i'll bang you

Everytime I lie to you I mean it.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


you probably think this saab is about you

how to write a paper


they were both etrain higgins!!!!!!!!!
all were fooled hahaha.

courtlandt-land collective? maybe?

Rhizome Commissions Program
Founded in 2001, the Rhizome Commissions Program makes financial support available to emerging artists for the creation of original works of Internet-based art. Commissions are awarded annually by jury and by Rhizome's membership through an open member vote.

Rhizome considers emerging artists to be those whose work and previous accomplishments demonstrate significant potential and yet are under-recognized in the broader art field. The Commissions program is designed to support these artists with an award and also through the promotion, exhibition and preservation of their work. All commissioned works are exhibited on and at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as preserved in the ArtBase.

Our next deadline for applications is April 1, 2008. We will begin accepting applications in February 2008. Please check back here for more information.

Holy Smokes!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Saturday, November 24, 2007


this is a project by a new media artist from berlin, he did some journey across america type thing while a counterpart in germany did one there and they blogged about it! i was going to say we should invite him to courtlandt-land but i think it is over.

berlin countdown is 33 days!!!!!!!!!!

i saw no country for old men and it was really good.

i miss everybody!

'I like turtles' boy comes out of his shell after online frenzy

12:44 PM PDT on Monday, July 9, 2007


The 10-year-old star of a video clip that has become an Internet sensation surfaced over the weekend after his teenage sister heard about his fame on the Web site MySpace.

Jonathon Ware of Milwaukie, Oregon just finished fourth grade at Riverside Elementary. His claim to fame: He likes turtles.

For weeks, a video of a May 31 KGW interview of a young boy in zombie face paint at the Rose Festival has had hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and other video websites and blogs.

Asked by a reporter what he thought of his elaborate face paint, Jonathon stared zombie-like into the camera lens and said, “I like turtles!”

Once someone posted it on YouTube, the video clip seemed to take on a life of its own. Hundreds of Internet viewers have written comments on the “I like turtles” video, giving Jonathon cult-like status.

“He’s the greatest kid ever,” says one.

The video “gets even better when the reporter doesn’t know how to respond,” says another.

Jonathon was oblivious to his fame until his sister Kim told him about a message from a friend on her MySpace page. It said, “Kim, Do you know about your brother? He’s freakin’ famous!”

Jonathon said he likes the attention. “I’m thinking I’m famouser (sic) than a lot of other people. It’s really funny to me.”

So…why did he say he liked turtles?

At the Waterfront Village during the Rose Festival, before getting his face painted, Jonathon and his sisters stopped at a nearby display of turtles. They clearly made a big impression on Jonathon, and he said he was still thinking about them during the television interview.

“I was just having nervous thoughts in my mind and thinking about turtles,” he said. “I found a snapping turtle there that was really cool and I just wanted to blurt it all out.”

Before he knew it, Jonathon had a cult following, complete with one Web site ( “I Like Turtles” merchandise. It includes T-shirts, caps, buttons and messenger bags with Jonathon’s zombie face and his iconic comment.

Brian Berger, a Portland publicist who closely follows Internet trends, said it’s a dramatic example of the power of the Internet and “viral” marketing.

“It spreads like wildfire,” he said. “All you need is one or two highly populated Web sites to pick up your clip and you’re off and running. And sometimes it spawns a secondary market with merchandise, whether it’s hats or T-shirts."

Johnathon's family was shocked by the attention this has brought.

“Just unbelievable,” said Brian Ware, his father.

“Some of my friends want to buy the shirts with my brother’s face on it,” said sister Kim. “It’s still kind of weird.”

Perhaps the weirdest thing of all is that Jonathon does not have a turtle. The animal-loving family has three dogs, four cats, two birds, two hermit crabs, a lizard and a gecko.

But now, considering recent events, Jonathon’s mother has made a decision: She’s going to get her son some turtles.

Neck Pimple

windows movie maker is like, the best program ever...

Friday, November 23, 2007

I love you YouTube

I know father's day isn't for a while, but it felt an appropriate time to post this video.

Things I learned watching this video:
1) Japanese people are frightened of gay people.
2) Adding the word "hard" to the beginning of your name makes you 1,000 times more interesting. (Hard Alexander)
3) Japanese people love Ricky Martin.
4) Saying "HOOOO!" at the end of a statement doesn't make you seem desperate, but instead really gets the point across.
5) The necktie makes the man.


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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Dear C.

Made in China, sold world wide.

oh hey, i got my new computer! this is angelo, my dad, and uhm, i'm making a weird face.
angelo! SPINA this is your FUTURE!!


happy day my little lambs

so weird to wake up in courtlandt on thanksgiving

bffz nose

she was not here last night but i just wanted to share it

my room is really bright and i woke up all restless cuz i gotta do dishes caulk and shit and like go home
spina made me killer sauce and and pasta last night
fake spina and real spina bonded and biz
and i spilled beer all over my self and also go a hair cut that i think i have caity bangs
we watched pete and pete

they sat the same
they also hadn't hear teh whisper song before

real spina tried to be fake spina while fake spina was always real spina

checking yourself out while i'm checking you out while your checking me out glasses

he can do my mannerisms like whoa

my mouth tastes like beer

happy turkey

i gotta get home now to see the pear! i love the pear!!!
and you guys.