Wednesday, October 3, 2007


from rhizome:

New Media Caucus CAA Affiliate Panel
Call for Papers:

CAA Conference: February 20-23, 2008 in Dallas

Panel Title: art blogging == global.exhibit(local);
Panel Chair: Paul Catanese
Assistant Professor of New Media
San Francisco State University

An explosion of new blogs from artists, collectors, galleries, residency programs and museums are reshaping notions of professional practice within the arts. Though promotion is certainly a major driver in this arena, sites such as Art.Blogging.LA, Walker Blogs, Art Fever and PORT are especially good at projecting a local arts scene into a broader context. Other models investigate blog as sketchbook, establishing a new format for the open atelier. Does art blogging indicate the emergence of a dislocated, yet thoroughly local arts scene? Can blogs shift the space of studio practice while retaining its capability to be unstructured? Is the quest for site traffic inherently at odds with healthy periods of gestation and dormancy? What models exist for balancing these forces? What are the implications for establishing or maintaining an art practice for those who remain virtually present, yet physically distant? This panel will be structured as a roundtable: short presentations followed by discussion. Panelists will be requested to participate as authors on a group blog launching prior to the conference as a method of instigating depth in the discussions – so that the roundtable may function as an extension of the blog and vice versa. Prior blogging experience not required.

Email abstract and short bio to
Proposals due by November 9, 2007.

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p.s. marissa we always blog at the same time when we aren't in the same room. you are trippin me out.

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