Monday, October 8, 2007

THIS IS WHY MY 2 BFFs gotta meet

while bored at work my friends an i email eachother a lot
to Tim, me, Cait
More options 11:38 am (5 hours ago)

hi i am doing a layout for blender wesbite and there is an interview with "" who i sthe frontperson i think for the blackeyed peas. but i like this part of the interview.

You threw away your first self-portrait and drew a new one. Why?
I like this one — it captures my eyes. I've got big-ass fish eyes.

And you gave yourself a big forehead.
I have a big-ass head too.

Is that because you're so creative?
Naw, I just got a big head. My brain's a little pregnant. I think about weird things.

Like what?
Why are we the only species that drinks milk from other animals? About seven years ago I was chilling and I saw a cow. It looked at me in a weird way. I stopped eating beef after that. Just the way the motherfucker looked at me. A chicken wouldn't look at you that way.


Tara said...

check it out i am bitching this blog's ass all over the shit

Etrain said...

tara's my babyz