Tuesday, October 2, 2007

If you wouldn't eat a dog or cat...

... don't come to Korea! -sk sk (slightly kidding) (-i am starting that one if anyone wants to join me - it is also the name of my favorite keyboard so i am doubly happy saying it- this way if you hate someone and say a mean thing instead of erasing the comment completely you can erase it halfway and maintain the distance of a loathing relationship) back to the point - some people do eat dogs here but its not common. i havent seen any on the menu yet, of course, everything is in korean and i dont know the word for dog yet...
which is why it is soooo hard to be a vegetarian here. everything has meat - Everything! except for a couple exceptions it is so hard to get something at a restaurant that isnt chock full of animal. well even speaking in korean i had to reconfirm 10 times to a local pizza store owner that i didnt want meat on the pizza - we established finally only veggies, then the chef came from the back and talked with the guy and he asked me again - no pepperoni... no, no ham..... no sausage... anio anio anio. they are amazed. ok
which brings me to the real start of the long story short. (i started this on mise en scene -arent you impressed):
etrain, i love chompy, but the link you put in your blog sent me to a search and i didnt find your dog chompy...
i did find someone elses dog chompy on a peta flicker post where everyone is holding these signs that say 'if you wouldnt eat a cat or dog....' next to their pets and i thought this was cool. so i was looking for one to put on this blog with the title '...dont come to korea' and thats all. but then i saw this girl:


this is almost as good as the guy who put a tea kettle on ebay and didnt realize there is a reflection of him taking the picture naked.
are these people oblivious or so they do it to become famous?
I hope peta uses this in a national campaign, right after they are done with naked alicia silverstone

i dont know if this makes me want to be a vegetarian more or less - i am happy that there are ads making people aware... but this ad just makes people aware of silverstones ass

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