Tuesday, October 16, 2007

that time we went to westfield to talk about feelings

westfield is the pointpleasant version of princeton
that is that it is the family fun center of rich wierd town thing
every where i went while missy p was at her appointment i was practically surrounded and annoyed and had to change locations like 4 times
by stupid pplz
they were also so scary that i didn't buy the meowmeow robot kitten that i wanted to buy to remember the occasion
i wish i had gotten the dinosaur muffin molds tho

i went to starbucks cuz i was bored.

then we went to trader joes. luckily, marissa got me a lollipop from the doctor lady

then on the way home we stopped at a pet store and got some pimped out shit for lassiez faire and hitler

some other things..

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