Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Full House

So.. I'm watching Full House. And well Bob Saget got his heart broken. But it's ok says his babygirls cuz they are doing okay as they are, because well really we have eachother. and they're doing pretty all right.

and i was likee,, o m g. there are a lot of people in that house they are right
and we have a full house too

So I was trying to figure out who would be who in the house. Minus when the 2 married things had the creepy lil twins, cuz those kids really don't count as people. The dog comet does but not the weird twin thingz.

Obviously LNY would be bob saget cuz he's the provider of this house
or we visited him at work and it seemed a lot like being a news anchor to me

Bob Saget- LNY
Uncle Joey- Biz
Uncle Jesse- Marissa
Becky- Natalie

Michele- me
the dog- goats

I wasn't sure who should be who between caity and i. i whine a lot so i picked to be the lil. and stephanie is an angsty teen so i guess that's caity ahha i don't know

vic is god tho
fuckin call 10-4 to fix your windows


flymordecai said...

i am laughing so hard at this eetrain!
ew im becky.

bizlynch said...

omg omg

house baby can be the twins.

PERRY said...

i guess that makes me annoying kimmy gibbler
coming over all the time, armpits stinkin up the place!

Marissa said...

this made me laugh so fuckinghard like a dumbass in the computer lab