Friday, October 12, 2007

simba, don't be a fuck.







jacki sulley said...

Translations. Japanese is my favorite.

English to Dutch and back again: Luau! If you are for hunk of and juicy flesh hongerig here my friend Pumbaa eats because he is a traktatie. Bowl on and dines on this tasty pig. All you must do are gets in line. Are you it pain occur to what bacon? He is a large pig. You also a large pig are able be! Oy!

English to Spanish and back again: Luau! If you are hungry for hunk of the fat meat here and substantial comma to my Pumbaa pal because he is convite. Come in down and you have supper in this flavorful pig. Everything what you must do must obtain in line. You are hurting for a little bacon? It is a great pig. You could also be a great pig! Oy!

French: Luau! If you are hungry for a large piece of gross and juicy meat eat my Pumbaa buddy here because it is a feast. Come on downwards and dinez on this tasty pig. Very that you must make must obtain in the line. Do you make badly for bacon? It is a large pig. You could be a large pig too! OY!

German: Luau! If you are hungry for a large piece of the fat and juicy meat, let us eat mean here friend Pumbaa, because it is a festiveness. Come on down and feed you on this tasteful pig. Everything, which you must do, is to receive in the line. Do you hurt for something bacon? It is a large pig. They could also be a large pig! Oy!

Japanese: Luau! It meaning that hungry he is treat fat quality and because of the big lump of the meat where the moisture is many, eat my partner Pumbaa here. Come, have a meal with the cover where this flavor is good. You must do, everything should enter to the line. It hurts because of the bacon? He is the large cover. The large cover is it can do thing! Oy!

Anonymous said...

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