Friday, October 5, 2007

Terminal Air alert notification

Current location: 540 W 21st street, NYC

COURTLANDT-LAND DOT COM is now registered to receive alert messages from Terminal Air for all planes departing from NEWARK LIBERTY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT.

Terminal Air is a service of the Institute for Applied Autonomy. For more information, visit
TERMINAL AIR allows users to view the movements of planes that are known or specifically suspected of being used in the CIA EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION PROGRAM or providing support for the vast prison system that has been constructed outside US law.

In the Extraordinary Rendition program, suspected terrorists captured in Western nations are transported to other countries for torture and interrogation. The transportation is largely carried out using leased equipment and private contractors. These private charter planes often use civilian airports for refueling, making their movements subject to public record and visible to anyone who knows which tail numbers to look for.

This project by Trevor Paglen

Marissa and I are in NYC! She just changed her tampon in EYEBEAM's bathroom.
We are in the back room INSIDE of Trevor's installation! Suckers!

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