Friday, October 26, 2007

Howard Hodgkin's "Wallpaper". Very nice.

Lately the slowly greying October skies have been making me feel a little more lackadaisical and tired. I noticed one day while walking along the street that children normally orient their vision upwards to the sky, whereas the older people tended to orient their vision towards the ground. There is a lot to be said for outside pressures and stress that adults have in spades, but I wondered if orienting my vision towards the sky would reclaim a more positive feeling in my day. It does. It's really amazing what you notice when you continuously look upwards. Geometry changes, a sense of spacial recognition is skewed, things that you have never noticed start to become of interest, and your sense of smell (or at least mine) changes what it picks up. I really must say that doing this for the past couple of weeks has really made my overall sense of self feel better. Kids know something that we've forgotten. While you can't really do this while talking to someone and you have to be brave that your feet won't land in a pile of dog shit, it's totally worth it. Just an observation.

Coat arms of the Nunavut people. Yeah, that's a Narwhal. Stop shitting yourself.

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