Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Full House

So.. I'm watching Full House. And well Bob Saget got his heart broken. But it's ok says his babygirls cuz they are doing okay as they are, because well really we have eachother. and they're doing pretty all right.

and i was likee,, o m g. there are a lot of people in that house they are right
and we have a full house too

So I was trying to figure out who would be who in the house. Minus when the 2 married things had the creepy lil twins, cuz those kids really don't count as people. The dog comet does but not the weird twin thingz.

Obviously LNY would be bob saget cuz he's the provider of this house
or we visited him at work and it seemed a lot like being a news anchor to me

Bob Saget- LNY
Uncle Joey- Biz
Uncle Jesse- Marissa
Becky- Natalie

Michele- me
the dog- goats

I wasn't sure who should be who between caity and i. i whine a lot so i picked to be the lil. and stephanie is an angsty teen so i guess that's caity ahha i don't know

vic is god tho
fuckin call 10-4 to fix your windows

tracey emin


Monday, October 29, 2007

Two Completely Unrelated Images

another one?

lny and i and our left arms

A Family Favorite

an addition to my "jen eating" series

My laughing boyfriend

marissa in a fuzzhead. RIP car-car

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tattoo - squared

NAKED fotc

El Colin and the Circuit Bending Challenge

Hey peoples! This is the result of the Circuit Bending Challenge being held by getlofi and createdigitalmusic - Check out the whereheremeetsthere blog for all the naughty details.

Friday, October 26, 2007

I gotta get me a duck

I am so poor. Maybe this duck could help. I wonder if I can find a goose who can help me invest wisely.
Howard Hodgkin's "Wallpaper". Very nice.

Lately the slowly greying October skies have been making me feel a little more lackadaisical and tired. I noticed one day while walking along the street that children normally orient their vision upwards to the sky, whereas the older people tended to orient their vision towards the ground. There is a lot to be said for outside pressures and stress that adults have in spades, but I wondered if orienting my vision towards the sky would reclaim a more positive feeling in my day. It does. It's really amazing what you notice when you continuously look upwards. Geometry changes, a sense of spacial recognition is skewed, things that you have never noticed start to become of interest, and your sense of smell (or at least mine) changes what it picks up. I really must say that doing this for the past couple of weeks has really made my overall sense of self feel better. Kids know something that we've forgotten. While you can't really do this while talking to someone and you have to be brave that your feet won't land in a pile of dog shit, it's totally worth it. Just an observation.

Coat arms of the Nunavut people. Yeah, that's a Narwhal. Stop shitting yourself.


I'm an Alien... Get it?

This is my homeroom class and I at today's Halloween party. I'm an alien... get it? I was shrugging my shoulders to look other-worldly but it just looks like I have a really small head. The backdrop is from a song I will never, ever get out of my head:
Halloween! Halloween! What does it mean?
Halloween! Halloween! What does it mean?
Halloween! Halloween! What does it mean?
Halloween! Halloween! What does it mean?
Halloween! Halloween! What does it mean?
Halloween! Halloween! What does it mean?
Halloween! Halloween! What does it mean?
Halloween! Halloween! What does it mean?
Halloween! Halloween! What does it mean?
Halloween! Halloween! What does it mean?
Halloween! Halloween! What does it mean?
Halloween! Halloween! What does it mean?
4 eva

Thursday, October 25, 2007


i just took a midterm. i wrote a lot about blogging. i really wanted to add this blog to the website i built for class - but its suppossed to be professional. : (
but i sorta ruined it, i added
i couldnt resist


omg i can't believe al gore

everyone in the house is sleeping

besides jen but she's watching horror movies
and i've already been insane to the point of insane to the pointof i can't write my paper about menstruation

etrain higgins (2:02:56 AM): pootie
autumnrhythm20 (2:04:55 AM): wait now
etrain higgins (2:22:55 AM): pootie all the time tara
etrain higgins (2:23:04 AM): you fuck
autumnrhythm20 (2:23:05 AM): its a constant
etrain higgins (2:23:05 AM): duh
etrain higgins (2:23:06 AM): i mean
etrain higgins (2:23:08 AM): duh
etrain higgins (2:23:12 AM): constant pootie
etrain higgins (2:23:18 AM): i'm writing about menstartion
etrain higgins (2:23:23 AM): but i kep having panic attacks
etrain higgins (2:23:28 AM): so i haven't gotten anything done
etrain higgins (2:24:00 AM): i'm writing about menstartion = menstruation
etrain higgins (2:24:00 AM): I CNAT
etrain higgins (2:24:02 AM): SPELL IT
etrain higgins (2:24:05 AM): pooit
etrain higgins (2:24:05 AM): ta
etrain higgins (2:24:13 AM): The title of my paper is: Social Views of Women Through Fluid
etrain higgins (2:24:18 AM): should it be
etrain higgins (2:24:21 AM): It Comes From the Pootie
autumnrhythm20 (2:24:34 AM): hahaha no i like what it is now
autumnrhythm20 (2:24:43 AM): i dont know why
etrain higgins (2:24:58 AM): cuz
etrain higgins (2:25:02 AM): i'm intellectual tara.
etrain higgins (2:25:03 AM): duh.

caity won't let me listen to the yeahyeahyeahs over and over while she sleeps. its all i listen too. i dont want to hear that bitch snooze godddddddd

where is vic 10 4

wake up downstrs let's all stomp!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

love in an elevator


to jump on Reid's post you should all know about Craftland. its a wonderful handmade semi-functional craft show that's up in Providence for December.

OB = Olive Branch, F = Forever


Biz Dance (Unedited)


Tuesday, October 23, 2007


all you wonderful people should submit work to la superette

make a buck or two doing what you all do best

i also just read somewhere that there is a NEW continent that has been created over the past few decades. its located in a no mans land between hawaii and california and its made entirely out of plastic trash and toxic garbage. its name is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sunday, October 21, 2007


i can't believe last night happened!

"So, I come home around midnight after studying and I walk in the basement and you all are dancing around standing in a circle singing the circle of life! And I was like YES I LIVE IN THE BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!" -marissa p.

I am still SO HAPPY and excited that last night happened

fuckin lion king bday holy shit we are geniuses, well
not to flaunt it
lionking dance party was so fucking amazing

thank you everyone
i love my friends!

lets do that every weekend ? ?


dancing hipsters are back, alright!


for a bunch of pictures with me (and probably you) in a lion mask, head over to
shit, jacki put up like the same pic as me. but the cake kicked ass- it deserves a million pictures.

Mercy icing master

Ray Rice!

Cell phone use in this area is strictly prohibited

We got as far as the lobby

House turtles

ima turtle ima turtle ima turtle

An Exhibit of Monsters

A Blue-Tabled Condensation Monster

Party Monsters

Saturday, October 20, 2007

a sad day

tv-links is gone. i am sad. something is wrong about this. where are the internet police now i wonder?

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero

Friday, October 19, 2007

i can't wait to be king