Sunday, December 23, 2007

1:41 am train NYC to New brunswick

last night i might have experienced one of the most terrifying (could be) accidents in my life.
as mike and i were boarding the last train, i was noticing that the gap between the platform and the train was quite large. dangeroulsy large! and no sooner as i thought this and started to point it out to mike that the guy in front of me fell in between the platform and the train. i stood there in shock and then we grabbed the guy and helped him up and out. it was so freaking. he must have hurt his arm pits and ribs so bad! and an awful awful scare.

all i could think about was what if that was an old person, short person or little kid who fell below the train! my gosh so scary... and that i thought it and then it happened.. eek!

we moved down the platform afterwards and the gap gradually got smaller which was even weirder. but with out luck we sat next to drunk assholes who talked about sleeping with 20+ spanish women, and doin pullups on the bar (the one that holds your jacket and suitcase)
total bro.

anyhoo. shawn and all, you guys need to put a large santa in front of your house too. :)

soo sleepy. jp was princess diaries. it made me happy.

happy holidays all. have fun in berlin you crazy kids. GET ME SOMethiNG!


Etrain said...

jen park was princess diaries?
wtf does that mean

caity you shouldn't fucking curse people when they got on the train i think that is pretty fucking fucked up

i wish i coulda seen shawns place

there's a hurricane outside

flymordecai said...

that sounds like spiderman needed to be there!