Thursday, December 13, 2007


when can everyone go?
mike is leaving on tuesday!
is just the house on the portrait?
do we have a courtlandt + reid, alex, mittenz, mercy, jacki, sharon, shawn portrait?
is that too many people?!?!?!!?!

my god just give me answers!!!
um, can we dress alike?

also, reid posted a mixmas post,
let's do that!!!
we can have a holiday house party
complete with eggnog(cept i never drank it and heard it tastes like ass),
candy canes, and brownies and beer and stuff
and make muzik,
perhaps after portraits??

if we have to do it after mike goes to allemagne,
do we have to hold a picture of him up instead?!

happy belated (c)hannukah and merry upcoming (c)hristmas!!


Etrain said...

no it's just the house!!!!!!!!

Etrain said...
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Etrain said...

and who else are we gonna send it too!!!!!

El Colin said...

whoa! you best be sending that shit across seas to a moaf!... without robin hood, i have no family!

bizlynch said...

Yeah just the house!

And yeah send to Korea!!

Uniform =funny sweaters!

bizlynch said...
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jurassic_p said...

do we make sweaters?? can we put sweaters on our butts??????