Saturday, December 22, 2007

mixmas 07

here is the track list of my mix

the continuing adventures of puppycat and christian
a mix for a pleasant afternoon, speculative dusk, and courageous evening

boatfriend - black moth super rainbow
zoopraxiphone - bibio
indian war whoop - hoyt ming & his pep-steppers
new mexico - bird names
ce si triste sans lui - cleoma & ophy breaux & joseph falcon
teenager in love - bird names
beach of teeth - bird names
mellotron music no. 5 - the beatles
how high the sky? how far the moon? - all over the where
mystic prism - white rainbow
dancing with friends (ma fama sessions) - julianna barwick
peach moon - the unicorns
mission with christian - lackthereof
totally stoked (on you) - YACHT
me-i - tv on the radio
jorge regula - the moldy peaches

mixmas 07

sorry i couldnt decorate or include the tl when i gave it to you all. i really wanted to get it out before everyone left for break. also if you havent got it yet im taping the rest of them to the courtlandt hallway on sunday so you can pick it up at your convenience. if there are not enough let me know and i will make you a copy. hope you enjoy it!!

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jacki sulley said...

i'm glad artists i showed you showed up on there!