Tuesday, December 11, 2007

m i X m a s

1. Make a cool mix
2. Decorate it special
3. Give it to friends

Inspired in part by Marissa's post, the holidays (sorry mike), and 6 hours of defensive driving class.

When should we do this?! I was thinking if we wanted to be lame we could tape them to the hallway wall, but I think its more fun in person.


reid said...

Oh and we should try to mail a few to Colin

El Colin said...

i will definitely mail a few to you - monday is a day off since i am working saturday - updates on the korean blog about that later - but i finally get to go to the post office! i am probably going to go broke while i am there but i am cramming as much as i can into as few packages as possible!

there should be a few mixes to enjoy thanks to the awesome idea of mixmas!

i miss you all

jurassic_p said...

agreed on all accounts, let's set up a date!!