Sunday, December 30, 2007

Berlin and The Maurice Complex = BFF for life

Alright. Last night was perhaps one of the most amazing experiences of my life - and I'm pretty sure this counts for Biz, Nat, & Lenny too. Nat wanted to videotape The Maurice Complex playing our pre-recorded tapes at some public spots in Berlin. We all went out to this little "platz" (squares that they have surrounding large intersections) and we started to play the tape player and hand it back and forth to one another while she videotaped. I shit you not, within half an hour (we had already had to rewind the tape twice) there was a crowd of 30 to 40 people surrounding us. They were crowded around pretty tightly and quietly (Germans are super quiet on the street anyway) so they could hear the music and we continued for another two rewinds. At the end everyone, EVERYONE, stood around us clapping and asking us where we from and what were our plans for the trip. It was crazy!!!! After twenty or so minutes of broken English and German, most of the crowd dispersed. Then, this 40-something year old gentleman walked up to us and introduced himself. Turns out his name is Volker Weidhaas and he runs the Berlinische Galerie!!! He asked if this upcoming Thursday, the 3rd, we would be willing to open a night of performances there with our own performance. This place ( looks amazing and we are so fucking excited. Supposedly that night is invitation only and there will be a perfomance by a troope of dancers performing a new piece with, get ready for your asshole to spread open and the poop to flow, MATTHEW (VASELINE) BARNEY. Needless to say we immediately agreed and will go on at 9pm. Holy shit. We love Berlin. Holy shit. We love Berlin. We are all sitting around while I type and still freaking out. I don't have much more internet time left on my account so the small other updates:

1) January 1st we are going to submit (it's the last day) work that we can print out or transfer (Nat and Biz have some DVDs, I'm doing Kinkos printouts, Lenny is painting something real fast) to the Berlin City Biennielle and we'll hear by the 4th.

2) Lenny and I were drunk last night and were told that we were being "too eeronik" and almost got into a fight when talking to a twenty year old German Hip-Hop fan who repeatedly told us about how "I am hip-hop, I LIVE HIP-HOP.

3) Biz and Nat are giggling up a storm, and it's super fun to be here.

We'll upload pics and videos if we figure out how. OMG. WE LOVE BERLIN.