Saturday, December 22, 2007

merry christmas ten four

as soon as i got homehome in pp. i sat down. and heard:
doo. doo. doo. doooo
doo doooo doooo doooo.

and i was like jacki?? alex??

it's for medics

in my town there's the like siren thing for emergency things or to call emt volunteer people to page them over a great big siren!
and in my town it is the SAME thing as our fucking doorbell!

so it's surreal sometimes
i get awfully confused :-\

but amazing at the same time
they switched it my senior yr of HS
and no one knew what it meant for a while. but then we learned and in class would just all hum along.

guys i want to apologize if my sick spreads to any of you.
i hope it doesn't
i feel pretty awful
and will feel worse if i made you guys feel like this.

i had mega fun at the bar though, although i'm sure it didn't help this sickness
i feel like i'm gonna die wheeee

but everyone be safe over break and i really mean that.
have a good one 10-4!

i wish vic/ god had the power to heal me
that 10-4 isn't good for much.

i love youuu!
ew i just spit up lots of mucus!


flymordecai said...

aw haha i like the part about vic healing you with 10-4.
that was the best bar night!!

Marissa said...

oh man
i loved when i showed up at the bar
and i got mauled by all of you
it ruled