Tuesday, December 11, 2007

trying not to distract shawn

mercy says that i look emo
when itake picture of myself
but really my face jsut needs teh pictures to be taken to stay a live you know what i'm talkin about
I made a life lesson
wait no it's a life realization for 12/11/07
If you get hit by a car with your laptop in your backpack. that will really suck.
becasue one you could die two your laptop could get busted.

i kinda have to pee but i also want to open my giant icetea but i feel like the art library gets mad about BIG OPEN dranks.

me and shawn are in you guyz library
we are studying
i dont like it really

we are learning about mice adn men
really his sheet says
Gaussian elimination linear systems
mine says

sukc it

biz? cmere and video chat

this is how i feel right now:

I want to take apicture of shawn but i want him to keep learning

his face don't need the pics to be alive
caity will probabbly get mad that i'm taking pics of myself on her photobooth i should prob stop doin that on all youz comps you know i'm saying ok

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