Tuesday, December 25, 2007


If anyone else.
Drinks from this mug.
I will kill them.


For a really long time, I thought that this mug broke. But thank GOD, it was hidden away somewhere in our kitchen, and now I can drink out of it again. Amen.

Happy New Year Jerks!!!


Etrain said...

you look weird

flymordecai said...

im only going to drink out of it when there's cute boys at the house. you know that mug says it all, i think it will replace my usual line of 'hey guys. whats up?'

Marissa said...

i was trying to make the natalie/coffee face.

or like that lady at wawa
who sniffed her coffee and whispered,
"now THAT's a cup of coffee"

bizlynch said...

hands off BFF!!!!

Etrain said...

OH OK YEAH that's nat's face OK COOL

BFF yea word up

flymordecai said...

oh man nice that is the face, only it should be a little over the shoulder turn-around.

Marissa said...

i can't do it as well as you, baby