Friday, December 28, 2007

How are 7 people I know in Berlin Right NOw

I just ate at popeyes and want to puke
i wanted to puke before i went or on the way
but like, that's besides the point
i'm wearing the most ridiculous hat, but trying to resist the urge to take a picture of myself on my friends photobooth.
now we're drinking beer and looking up shoes on line to see what shoes we think that each of us should have
and we figure teh best autistic way to go about this is to draw pics of the shoes and hang it around our neckz so when we go to the store we can show them to store people when they ask us if we need help or whatever.

I basically wanted to say that we ate the popeyes in a big grandma car and then put the chicken bones in side jesus crib at the towns nativity scene at the most religious town on the jersey shore. or atleast in this area .
there were just bags of sand in there so like it should be a good thing for lilbabby jezzzeus.
and like we prayed I was JOSEPH NAD Y MY FRIEND WAS MARY

last night i ate a huge bag of popcorn adn a giant soda my freind got me at the movies then i ate a giant bag of junior MINTS with the intention of puking, really, and but went to sleep real sad tehn woke UP at 5 aAM wiht PUKE IN MY mouth. I hope you are having a GOOD HOLIDAY BREAK TOOOOOOOO@!!!! <<3333

ok, ahappy newyersszz

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