Monday, December 31, 2007


caityyy just showed me this

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Berlin and The Maurice Complex = BFF for life

Alright. Last night was perhaps one of the most amazing experiences of my life - and I'm pretty sure this counts for Biz, Nat, & Lenny too. Nat wanted to videotape The Maurice Complex playing our pre-recorded tapes at some public spots in Berlin. We all went out to this little "platz" (squares that they have surrounding large intersections) and we started to play the tape player and hand it back and forth to one another while she videotaped. I shit you not, within half an hour (we had already had to rewind the tape twice) there was a crowd of 30 to 40 people surrounding us. They were crowded around pretty tightly and quietly (Germans are super quiet on the street anyway) so they could hear the music and we continued for another two rewinds. At the end everyone, EVERYONE, stood around us clapping and asking us where we from and what were our plans for the trip. It was crazy!!!! After twenty or so minutes of broken English and German, most of the crowd dispersed. Then, this 40-something year old gentleman walked up to us and introduced himself. Turns out his name is Volker Weidhaas and he runs the Berlinische Galerie!!! He asked if this upcoming Thursday, the 3rd, we would be willing to open a night of performances there with our own performance. This place ( looks amazing and we are so fucking excited. Supposedly that night is invitation only and there will be a perfomance by a troope of dancers performing a new piece with, get ready for your asshole to spread open and the poop to flow, MATTHEW (VASELINE) BARNEY. Needless to say we immediately agreed and will go on at 9pm. Holy shit. We love Berlin. Holy shit. We love Berlin. We are all sitting around while I type and still freaking out. I don't have much more internet time left on my account so the small other updates:

1) January 1st we are going to submit (it's the last day) work that we can print out or transfer (Nat and Biz have some DVDs, I'm doing Kinkos printouts, Lenny is painting something real fast) to the Berlin City Biennielle and we'll hear by the 4th.

2) Lenny and I were drunk last night and were told that we were being "too eeronik" and almost got into a fight when talking to a twenty year old German Hip-Hop fan who repeatedly told us about how "I am hip-hop, I LIVE HIP-HOP.

3) Biz and Nat are giggling up a storm, and it's super fun to be here.

We'll upload pics and videos if we figure out how. OMG. WE LOVE BERLIN.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

i'm back in nb

new brunswick
i'm home
it's my anniversary
lets be safe

Friday, December 28, 2007

How are 7 people I know in Berlin Right NOw

I just ate at popeyes and want to puke
i wanted to puke before i went or on the way
but like, that's besides the point
i'm wearing the most ridiculous hat, but trying to resist the urge to take a picture of myself on my friends photobooth.
now we're drinking beer and looking up shoes on line to see what shoes we think that each of us should have
and we figure teh best autistic way to go about this is to draw pics of the shoes and hang it around our neckz so when we go to the store we can show them to store people when they ask us if we need help or whatever.

I basically wanted to say that we ate the popeyes in a big grandma car and then put the chicken bones in side jesus crib at the towns nativity scene at the most religious town on the jersey shore. or atleast in this area .
there were just bags of sand in there so like it should be a good thing for lilbabby jezzzeus.
and like we prayed I was JOSEPH NAD Y MY FRIEND WAS MARY

last night i ate a huge bag of popcorn adn a giant soda my freind got me at the movies then i ate a giant bag of junior MINTS with the intention of puking, really, and but went to sleep real sad tehn woke UP at 5 aAM wiht PUKE IN MY mouth. I hope you are having a GOOD HOLIDAY BREAK TOOOOOOOO@!!!! <<3333

ok, ahappy newyersszz

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

OH and

Grandma took me to the DMV
She says I need to get my hair "shaped"
but like.
"It's like a hat on your head" - gma


Tuesday, December 25, 2007


If anyone else.
Drinks from this mug.
I will kill them.


For a really long time, I thought that this mug broke. But thank GOD, it was hidden away somewhere in our kitchen, and now I can drink out of it again. Amen.

Happy New Year Jerks!!!

Monday, December 24, 2007


cutest new song ever on the myspace page!

For those of you attending the Sundance Film Festival

New Frontier on Main showcases cinematic installations, multimedia performance events, microcinema screenings, new media technology, and the Rabbit Hole, a DJ installation lounge cafe. Check the film guide for scheduled times of the events.
Location [map]
333 Main Street (lower level) Friday, January 18 - Friday January 25, noon to 8:00 p.m.Saturday, January 26, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Open to all Festival credential holders and the general public as space permits.
Opening ReceptionFriday, January 182:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
New Frontier Artists
Doug Aitken
Jennifer Steinkamp
Yang Fudong
Hasan Elahi
Jim Campbell
Graffiti Research Lab
Eddo Stern
©ause Collective
Daniel Rozin
Robert Boyd
Marina Zurkow
Stephanie Rothenburg & Jeff Crouse
Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid
Paper Rad Art Collective in collaboration with Cory Arcangel
Califone and the Animated Films of Brent Green
The Composers Lab Experiment:
Braden King and Shahzad Ismaily


i'm the ten thousandth visitor!!!!
i refreshed the page three times so i could be haha.


i'm at work



I might not have a chance to post again before Berlin. Here is the last USA contribution:

Sunday, December 23, 2007

New Digital Composition

"Seduction", Full Print: 17.25" Tall x 24" Wide

Inspired by Elizabeth Lynch's Video, "Boyfriend"

Click to View at Larger Resolution

Newport Mall

1:41 am train NYC to New brunswick

last night i might have experienced one of the most terrifying (could be) accidents in my life.
as mike and i were boarding the last train, i was noticing that the gap between the platform and the train was quite large. dangeroulsy large! and no sooner as i thought this and started to point it out to mike that the guy in front of me fell in between the platform and the train. i stood there in shock and then we grabbed the guy and helped him up and out. it was so freaking. he must have hurt his arm pits and ribs so bad! and an awful awful scare.

all i could think about was what if that was an old person, short person or little kid who fell below the train! my gosh so scary... and that i thought it and then it happened.. eek!

we moved down the platform afterwards and the gap gradually got smaller which was even weirder. but with out luck we sat next to drunk assholes who talked about sleeping with 20+ spanish women, and doin pullups on the bar (the one that holds your jacket and suitcase)
total bro.

anyhoo. shawn and all, you guys need to put a large santa in front of your house too. :)

soo sleepy. jp was princess diaries. it made me happy.

happy holidays all. have fun in berlin you crazy kids. GET ME SOMethiNG!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

merry christmas ten four

as soon as i got homehome in pp. i sat down. and heard:
doo. doo. doo. doooo
doo doooo doooo doooo.

and i was like jacki?? alex??

it's for medics

in my town there's the like siren thing for emergency things or to call emt volunteer people to page them over a great big siren!
and in my town it is the SAME thing as our fucking doorbell!

so it's surreal sometimes
i get awfully confused :-\

but amazing at the same time
they switched it my senior yr of HS
and no one knew what it meant for a while. but then we learned and in class would just all hum along.

guys i want to apologize if my sick spreads to any of you.
i hope it doesn't
i feel pretty awful
and will feel worse if i made you guys feel like this.

i had mega fun at the bar though, although i'm sure it didn't help this sickness
i feel like i'm gonna die wheeee

but everyone be safe over break and i really mean that.
have a good one 10-4!

i wish vic/ god had the power to heal me
that 10-4 isn't good for much.

i love youuu!
ew i just spit up lots of mucus!

mixmas 07

here is the track list of my mix

the continuing adventures of puppycat and christian
a mix for a pleasant afternoon, speculative dusk, and courageous evening

boatfriend - black moth super rainbow
zoopraxiphone - bibio
indian war whoop - hoyt ming & his pep-steppers
new mexico - bird names
ce si triste sans lui - cleoma & ophy breaux & joseph falcon
teenager in love - bird names
beach of teeth - bird names
mellotron music no. 5 - the beatles
how high the sky? how far the moon? - all over the where
mystic prism - white rainbow
dancing with friends (ma fama sessions) - julianna barwick
peach moon - the unicorns
mission with christian - lackthereof
totally stoked (on you) - YACHT
me-i - tv on the radio
jorge regula - the moldy peaches

mixmas 07

sorry i couldnt decorate or include the tl when i gave it to you all. i really wanted to get it out before everyone left for break. also if you havent got it yet im taping the rest of them to the courtlandt hallway on sunday so you can pick it up at your convenience. if there are not enough let me know and i will make you a copy. hope you enjoy it!!

i reaalllllyy realllllyy reallllly like this!
colors are so rad!

nutcrackerr nutcrackerrr nutcrackerrrrrr

i want you to draw me wearing this....

...and only this

i'm in an aquarium right now. caityyyy's selling tickets on the fone.

thank youuuu

Friday, December 21, 2007


am vier und zwanzich uhr haben sie achtzig freibier. eine gute idea fur das neues jahr, richtig?

at midnight they will have free beer. a good idea for a new year, right?

internet sensation

this went too far

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy B-day Mom n Nat! <3


it was my favorite year <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Monday, December 17, 2007


most of the words translate to: he has a healthy appetite, he's even trying to bite my finger! and show us your eyes!

we've all done this.


Friday, December 14, 2007

3 january 2008

I wanna go to school

"How High the Sky, How Far the Moon?" Music Video

Go to the source to watch it fullscreen.

One day there will be an All Over the Where DVD released.

Here is a video from a song off the last album.

Roger Ebert says: "The day may come when [it] is seen as a milestone of neo-surrealism."*

Thursday, December 13, 2007

No Trumpeting in Public

There is a construction site across the street from my house.
They didn't like it when I came by with my trumpet.
So they got signs.


when can everyone go?
mike is leaving on tuesday!
is just the house on the portrait?
do we have a courtlandt + reid, alex, mittenz, mercy, jacki, sharon, shawn portrait?
is that too many people?!?!?!!?!

my god just give me answers!!!
um, can we dress alike?

also, reid posted a mixmas post,
let's do that!!!
we can have a holiday house party
complete with eggnog(cept i never drank it and heard it tastes like ass),
candy canes, and brownies and beer and stuff
and make muzik,
perhaps after portraits??

if we have to do it after mike goes to allemagne,
do we have to hold a picture of him up instead?!

happy belated (c)hannukah and merry upcoming (c)hristmas!!




Wednesday, December 12, 2007

this is a fabulous secret

school's over

Cat on car

Socal cats are the craziest

This is what I do instead of studying.

I'm at the Livingston Library before my exam,

Putting tiny books on tiny shelves.

(And looking at pictures of camels)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

m i X m a s

1. Make a cool mix
2. Decorate it special
3. Give it to friends

Inspired in part by Marissa's post, the holidays (sorry mike), and 6 hours of defensive driving class.

When should we do this?! I was thinking if we wanted to be lame we could tape them to the hallway wall, but I think its more fun in person.

Chinese Art is Fucking Cool and Shit

trying not to distract shawn

mercy says that i look emo
when itake picture of myself
but really my face jsut needs teh pictures to be taken to stay a live you know what i'm talkin about
I made a life lesson
wait no it's a life realization for 12/11/07
If you get hit by a car with your laptop in your backpack. that will really suck.
becasue one you could die two your laptop could get busted.

i kinda have to pee but i also want to open my giant icetea but i feel like the art library gets mad about BIG OPEN dranks.

me and shawn are in you guyz library
we are studying
i dont like it really

we are learning about mice adn men
really his sheet says
Gaussian elimination linear systems
mine says

sukc it

biz? cmere and video chat

this is how i feel right now:

I want to take apicture of shawn but i want him to keep learning

his face don't need the pics to be alive
caity will probabbly get mad that i'm taking pics of myself on her photobooth i should prob stop doin that on all youz comps you know i'm saying ok

for marissa

Hot Tamales

Crank This Soulja Boy

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Monday, December 10, 2007

if we post more gossip

we get more hits

when worlds colllide: Brownstein on Oprah on NPR

while updating my resume for the 14th time in the past fortnight I heard a strange sound-Carrie Brownstein on the NPR show "Day to Day" talking about Oprah's favorite things. it was an aural rapid fire blossoming of MY favorite things over my time in adolescence. in order Oprah 1992-1995, NPR 1990-present, Sleater-Kinney ---> Carrie Brownstien, 1995-Present. A different kind of resume.

She's got a regualar Blog now on npr. Which is all I want for Xmas.

The Next Step in "Giving a Shit"